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Concept Surfaces Unveils Exquisite “Travel Around the World”
Collection: A Fusion of Global Inspirations

Dallas, Texas — Concept Surfaces, the industry leader in innovative and high-quality surface solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest masterpiece: the “Travel Around the World” collection. This remarkable new product launch pays homage to some of the world’s most captivating cities, each bearing a unique narrative that captures the essence of travel, culture, and exploration.

The “Travel Around the World” new product launch showcases five distinct surfacing lines, each named after a remarkable city that holds a special place in the hearts of globetrotters and adventurers. Immerse yourself in
the captivating allure of:

  • Tokyo: Embark on a journey through the bustling streets of Tokyo with surfaces that mirror the city’s modernity and traditional charm, capturing the balance between innovation and heritage.
  • London: Captivate your senses with the timeless elegance and sophistication of London, as Concept Surfaces brings to life the eclectic fusion of historical grandeur and contemporary design.
  • Copenhagen: Experience the minimalist elegance and cozy charm of Copenhagen in every surface. This collection embodies the “hygge” philosophy, creating spaces that exude comfort and tranquility.
  • Cairo: Unearth the mystique and grandeur of Cairo through surfaces that evoke the intricate beauty of Egyptian architecture and culture, transporting you to the land of pharaohs and legends.
  • Budapest: Immerse yourself in the romantic allure of Budapest with surfaces that mirror the city’s architectural opulence and artistic spirit, crafting spaces that tell stories of love and history.

“The ‘Travel Around the World’ new product launch is a celebration of our innate desire to explore, connect, and be inspired by the diverse cultures that shape our world,” says Geoffrey Gross, President at Concept Surfaces. “We’ve meticulously crafted each line to encapsulate the unique essence of these cities, allowing designers, architects, and end users to infuse their spaces with a touch of global magic.”

Concept Surfaces invites design enthusiasts, architects, and interior designers to embark on a transformative journey of design to “Travel Around the World”. Elevate your projects with surfaces that not only reflect the world’s most enchanting destinations but also embody the spirit of adventure and discovery.

For more information, high-resolution images, and to explore the “Travel Around the World” collection, please visit our collection.

About Concept Surfaces

Concept Surfaces is a leading name in the world of premium surfacing solutions, renowned for their commitment to innovation, quality, and design excellence. With a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge products, Concept Surfaces continues to shape the landscape of interior and architectural design.

Media Contact:
Geoffrey Gross
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