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Great Buys


These Great Buy opportunities are limited to the square foot listed and will not last long. Once they are gone we will not stock them again. For more information please call Concept Surfaces at 972-386-4900.

Item Sq. Ft. On-hand
IMG_3822Cooltrane-Grafito-12×24-Matte 116
IMG_3843Cooltrane-Nacar-24×24-Matte 348
IMG_3820Crayon-Naranja-6×18-Polished 129
IMG_3818Crayon-Sunset Verde-6×18-Polished 64
IMG_3836Flair-Noir-12×24-Satin 721
IMG_3824Life-Antracite-18×18-Satin 795
IMG_3838Life-Corda-18×18-Satin 141
IMG_3841Life-Sabbia-18×18-Satin 32
Momentum-Daisy-12×12-Satin 106
IMG_3835Moquette-Nero-24×24-SP 201
Orbit-Colors-12×24 58
IMG_3829Sari-Porpora-24×24-Satin 477
IMG_3814Seattle-Negro-12×24-Satin 69
IMG_3827Streaming-Trop Amber-24×24 151