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Ventilated Facade Systems

Ventilated Façade Systems offer flexibility as an ideal solution to enhance the aesthetics of every type of space, breathability for the facility, high protection against the elements and maximize thermo acoustic insulation. The ventilated system is the most functional solution for the protection and energy efficiency of buildings.

The Ventilated Façade system permits the use of any format and thickness. The capabilities are nearly endless allowing the transformation of the exterior to a building to become a landmark while serving an environmental and financial benefit.

Performance Features and Benefits

Heat Insulation

Ventilated walls ensure consistent, homogenous thermal insulation preventing at the same time condensation build-up and thermal bridge formation on walls.

Thermal Inertia

Ventilated curtain walling enables a building to obtain walls with a high thermal inertia.
Ventilated cladding makes the most of the perimeter wall thermal capacity – both in summer and in winter.

Sound Insulation

Ventilated wall cladding consists of several layers having different specific gravity. This will ensure extremely effective noise pollution control.

Chimney Effect

During the summer months, ventilated wall cladding acts as a “thermal shield,” protecting the building’s on which it is installed from direct solar radiation.

This action, combined with a constant flow of air directed to the outer surface of the insulating material in contact with the perimeter wall, will considerably improve the building indoor thermal comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Ventilated Facades help address one of the largest sources of U.S. greenhouse gasses: electricity.
It is possible to achieve a reduction in cost of up to 15-20% because of the thermal advantages.


Ventilated curtain walling ensures a high degree of protection from rain water infiltration. Thanks to this characteristic, excellent, long- lasting protection of the masonry structures is guaranteed.


Thanks to its permeability, the ventilated wall system allows any moisture and vapor which may form inside the building to be let out into the atmosphere without encountering any obstacle or barrier.

Hidden Anchoring System

General System Components

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