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Serenity Mosaic




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Technical Information

Serenity1 1/5" x1 1/5"3/8"Block Mosaic - 12x12; Mesh MountMatte10.7711
Serenity3"x4", 4"x5 3/4"3/8"3D Freccia  Mosaic - 12x12; Mesh MountMatte3.884
Serenity4"x4"3/8"Block Mosaic: 12x12; Glue-Dot MountMatte9.6910
SerenityMulti3/8"Plank - 12x24; Mesh MountMatte11.636

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High Line  Nero MosaicHighlinecanvanew

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  • Beige Muretto Beige Muretto
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HIGH Line Gray
HIGH LINE Beige Mosaic
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Scope Mosaic

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  • Sand Sand
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  • Flow Smoke Flow Smoke
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  • Flow Mix (Coal, Smoke & Grey) Flow Mix  (Coal, Smoke & Grey)
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EVOLVE Flow Grey Mosaic
EVOLVE Flow Smoke Mosaic
EVOLVE Flow Coal Mosaic
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  • Platinum Brick Platinum Brick
  • Silver Brick Silver Brick
  • Iron Brick Iron Brick
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CHAMBER Beige Brick Mosaic
CHAMBER Gray Brick Mosaic
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