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Pueblo Mosaic


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Tile Size

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Chip Size

3 3/4"x3 3/4", 5/8"x31 1/2", 5/8"x5/8", 7 11/16"x3 3/4"




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Technical Information

Pueblo5/8"x31 1/2" 3/8"Listello - 8x31 1/2; Mesh MountMatte10.346
Pueblo5/8"x5/8" 3/8"Block Mosaico (B) - 11 7/8x11 7/8; Mesh MountMatte5.826
Pueblo7 11/16"x3 3/4"; 3 3/4"x3 3/4" 3/8"Muretto - 11 7/8x17 11/16; Mesh MountMatte9.696

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