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July 2024

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As an architect or designer, your commitment is designing a better world. Whether you are designing a building, a common area, or a community we offer a unique array of in-house and catalog hard-surface materials, from porcelain and mosaic tiles to glass and acrylic impregnated flooring. We understand tight budgets and understand your knowledge of looking at an empty space and seeing a world of possibilities.

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Concept Surfaces

Concept Surfaces stands as a premier provider of top-tier hard-surface materials. For 19 years and counting, our mission has been to offer designers and architects an unmatched array of porcelain tiles, glass mosaics, and hardwoods.

Since its inception in 2005 in Geoff Gross’ garage, Concept Surfaces has grown steadily. The Dallas-based company, now in its 19th year, has expanded its reach to Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Austin, Oklahoma, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Arkansas. The company’s ambitions extend further, with plans for continued nationwide expansion.

What began as an idea in Geoff Gross’ garage soon evolved into a thriving business. In January 2005, Concept Surfaces was officially launched. In those early days, Gross operated out of his condo, selling tiles from a catalog while awaiting samples. His one-car garage doubled as the company’s warehouse.

Today, Concept Surfaces has its headquarters in the vibrant Dallas Design District. Here, a remarkable showroom, alongside offices and a warehouse, serves as the hub of operations. Dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its clients, Concept Surfaces continues to offer a compelling selection of cutting-edge and trendsetting products.

Memorable Projects

Throughout the past decade, Concept Surfaces has supplied materials for projects all over the world.

  • First Baptist Church in Downtown Dallas
  • Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas
  • Hyatt Key West in Key West, Florida
  • Baha Mar Casino & Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas
  • Pizza Hut Express; Equinox in Dallas
  • Prosper High School (Prosper, TX)
  • Baha Mar (Bahamas)
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center

During this time, they have also maintained long-term relationships with several notable manufacturers, vendors and architecture and design firms.

For the past eight years, we have done a great deal of business with Concept Surfaces. I can honestly say with great pleasure, pride and joy that this company is on the top of my list. Geoff Gross and his team are credible, honest and professional. They exude passion and integrity within their work and each experience has been completely positive and makes my job very easy. I hope to continue to do business with Concept Surfaces for a very long time.

Antonio Poggi

Co-Owner of Italian tile manufacturer, Unicom Starker

We understand tight budgets and understand your knowledge of looking at an empty space and seeing a world of possibilities.

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